For a number of years, Filipinos scored high on their level of happiness and optimism despite the years’ challenges. The year 2020, however, seemed to have dampened their spirits.

In the latest survey conducted by Social Weather Stations (SWS), a record-low 50 percent of Filipinos said they expect a happy Christmas in 2020.

According to SWS, 15 percent of adult Filipinos expect a sad Christmas, and another 33 percent said Christmas will be neither happy nor sad. That figure is also a record high, surpassing the 29 percent recorded in 2006.

Further, 50 percent of Filipinos answered they are expecting a happy Christmas. According to the SWS, that is 12 points below the previous record-low of 62 percent in 2005, 2006, and 2013.

“On the other hand, a new record-high 15% expect a sad Christmas, surpassing the previous high of 11% in 2011,” said the SWS.

“In 2020, those expecting a happy Christmas are still majorities in Mindanao (65%) and Visayas (57%), but fell to only minorities in Balance Luzon (42%) and Metro Manila (36%),” it added.