Health Benefits of date fruit.

Dates palm contain many health benefits for the human body includes the following:

1. Consuming 100 grams of date fruits can lower blood cholesterol levels by inhibiting the absorption of fat or cholesterol in the large intestine so that blood cholesterol levels decreased

2. Potassium helps the heart in the palm to work on a regular basis, activates muscle contraction and helps regulate blood pressure, and this is very good for helping people with hypertension because of the contraction and relaxation of blood vessels with a good work that is not easily broken.

3. Glucose as a type of simple sugar found in the body, and fructose sugars found in most fruits and both sugars are not harmful to health because of the natural processed in the body, and fructose is easily digested and processed in the body to produce energy.

4. Vitamin A and Niacin assist in forming and maintaining the skin to stay healthy.

5. Riboflavin and Niacin helps process food into energy needed to perform various activities.

6. High tannin that content of dates works medicinally as cleaning agents in the body.

7. Thiamine in date fruit helps release energy from carbohydrates and also important for nerve cells, while niacin maintain normal nerve function.

8. Potuchin in dates fruit make contractions in blood vessels in the uterus and muscles of the uterus, thus preventing bleeding if given to women who had given birth.

9. Salicylate in date fruits serve to reduce and relieve pain or fever, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti pain and prevent blood clotting.

10. Consume dates fruit on a regular basis e.g. a few date fruit every day can calm nerve cells through its influence on thyroid psychological condition that makes someone a better.