Para sa mga di pa rin nakaMove-on sa Halloween!

With practically everyone staying indoors this Halloween, it’s gonna be a tough choice between binging on Netflix horrors or simply scaring yourself with the news.

Instead of those two superb choices though, old and new cinephiles could take a shot at the local selection of horror films from right here in PH. We swear, the local film industry isn’t just good at repackaging tropes and jumpscares, as these movies have been highly-acclaimed to give the creeps even after the credits roll.

Lo and behold, your Halloween 2020 watch-list – the #iSupportLocal edition.

The Road (2012) dir. Yam Lanares


Synopsis: Portrayed through a 3-act film, newly-appointed police officer Luis Medina (TJ Trinidad) is assigned to a series of murders all involving an eerily long-winding road. As the mystery unravels, Luis discovers a history of violence that he could never be prepared for.

Spook level: 5/5


Bliss (2017) dir. Jerrold Tarog


Synopsis: Jane (Iza Calzado) is a hit actress who got into an accident and remains quarantined (wink) inside her own home. As the days go by, she realizes that there’s more to the medical-induced lockdown than she thinks.

You can catch the full movie for free up on YouTube.

Spook level: 5/5


Eerie (2018) dir. Mikhail Red


Synopsis: ‘Eerie’ follows guidance counselor Pat Consolacion (Bea Alonzo), as she tries to console the timid students of an all-girls Catholic school after one student commits suicide.  It’s available on Netflix.

Spook level: 4/5


Sunod (2019) dir. Carlo Ledesma


Synopsis: Serving as the sole horror entry in the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival, ‘Sunod‘ follows single mother Olivia (Carmina Villarroel), who takes an underpaid entry-level job in a call center for her ill daughter Annelle. It’s up on Netflix.

Spook level: 4/5


Seklusyon (2016) dir. Erik Matti 

Synopsis: Several priests-to-be are tested to undergo a 7-day seclusion (quarantine reference again?) when a mysterious young girl seeks refuge with their group – testing their faith to gruesome heights.

Spook level: 4/5


Feng Shui (2004) dir. Chito S. Roño


Synopsis: Serving as one of the OG PH horrors, ‘Feng Shui’ follows Lester Annonuevo (Coco Martin) after stealing a Bagua from a Chinese temple in hopes to aid his financial worries. His luck turns south after a series of deaths, which leads him to meet the Bagua’s former cursed owner, Joy Ramirez (Kris Aquino).

Spook level: 10/5. Or it could be from the fact we all watched this as a kid, we’ll have to check again.