DOHA 12 March 2019 – The Philippine Embassy in Doha rendered special passport assistance to baby “Gabrielle” (not her real name) at Qatar’s Sidra Medical and Research Center on 4 March 2019.

The Embassy brought its passport data capturing machine to the medical facility that specializes in women and child healthcare. A team from the Embassy’s consular and assistance-to-nationals sections facilitated the capture of photo and passport data of baby Gabrielle.

Baby Gabrielle could not be brought by her parents to the Embassy because she has been under incubation since her birth in December 2018 for having been prematurely born.

Qatar immigration policy requires that a newly born expatriate child should be able to acquire an appropriate visa within three months from birth to avoid hefty immigration fines that will be imposed by the day.

With the recent successful mobile consular service for baby Gabrielle, her parents will soon be able to regularize the child’s status in Qatar without having to pay any immigration penalties.

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