The milk tea craze lives on! A tea house in the northern part of Hsinchu City, Taiwan is selling a milk tea drink in five-liter jugs. The shop offers a special promo to those who can finish the beverage in 30 minutes. Participants to the promo will get the five-liter jug of milk tea for free if they finish it in the given time.

Just the previous month, Domino’s Pizza had triggered the sweet tooth of Taiwanese for offering pearl milk tea pizza to its customers. A tea house named Zhen Yi Po had announced on their Facebook account on November 13 that it will be selling “Family-sized Pearl Milk Tea” (five liters) for NT $500 each. Each customer is only allowed to purchase 10 of the product per day.

Those who are able to drink all of the five-liter drink will be receiving a cash prize of NT $500 (the price of the drink).

The contest of the tea shop is limited to sole male and two female winners. The shop will also be giving away gifts and one free drink to those who will be posting online in the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Zhen Yi Po a photo of them finishing the five-liter milk tea product of the shop.

Customers should note that they need to order 2 hours before.