A story of a young girl (Emily) who fell in love with her teacher (Mike) in college back in the Philippines and after 2 years they accidentally meet again in a school in Doha, Qatar in which both of them are already teaching and everything becomes complicated once their students and their co-teachers found out that they are already married and just got separated because their age gap and Mike’s parents orders him to forget about Emily. The stroke of love hits Mike for the second time around and he falls in love with Emily again. However, when he is ready to fight for their love, Mike discovers that Emily has a dark secret. Mike then decides to go back to the Philippines and give up their love. Will Mike succeed? Or is there a chance that Mike and Emily can rekindle the perfect love they had for each other?


Directed by

Jan Xavier Pacle

Produced by

Carlo Yan producer

Cinematography by

Jan Xavier Pacle


Lhai Borja Lhai Borja Emily
Pilar Grace Cruz Pilar Grace Cruz Angel
Edizon Mandap Edizon Mandap Sarmiento
Mon Sarmiento Mon Sarmiento Principal
Sarakiel Tandingan Sarakiel Tandingan Student 1
Carlo Yan Carlo Yan Mike