Wag kang iiyak ha

Disney UK has released their Christmas video for 2020 – and it’s a PH-themed ode to our loving lolas. We’re not crying, you are.

Released earlier today, the over 3-minute short film starts in the 1940s when a young girl is given a Mickey Mouse plush toy from her father, which she gratefully accepts after a familiar mano po.

IMO, the 1940s setting is lowkey reminiscent of the streets of Vigan with its heritage scenery and kalesas.


Fast forward to 2005 and the little girl has since passed down the toy to her young granddaughter, who spends the holidays by making parols with her lola and, in true Disney fashion, their adorable doggo.

As the years pass, the granddaughter slowly starts to dismiss her grandmother, choosing to be alone or go out with friends in lieu of their parol-making tradition.

Her lola is just about to completely give up on connecting with her granddaughter when lo and behold, Mickey Mouse saves the day by reminding the two of the times they enjoyed together over the years.

The granddaughter then surprises her with a feast of parols that takes her back to her childhood, before gifting her the restitched Mickey plush toy that had been damaged several scenes prior.

It’s a cheery, simple tale that’s set to warm our hearts since most of us are still practicing physical distancing from our loved ones. Again, we’re not crying.

Meanwhile, the advert also serves as a Make-A-Wish charity initiative through the background song ‘Love Is A Compass‘ by UK singer Griff. 100% of the proceeds generated from the stream will benefit the cause until December 31, 2020.

The same beloved Mickey Mouse toy in the clip can be bought at shopDisney UK, with proceeds also going to Make-A-Wish.

Check it out here