“What’s next?”

This is a question many of us have pondered over in the past few months. Being stuck at home for quite a long while has given us so much time on our hands to reevaluate several aspects of our lives and made us ask ourselves how we want to move forward.

It’s not too hard to reach the decision to change our ways if we want to emerge stronger, and we can start by encouraging each other to make new lifestyle choices. As legal age ‘drivers’ of our lives, these choices are ours to make – so let’s make better ones.


Living our lives around the constraints of quarantine resulted in a great reconsidering of priorities. We’ve realized what we truly need to keep ourselves afloat versus our wants.

Moving forward, the safety nets we might have not secured can now be part of our renewed priorities – like having an emergency fund or making sure basic healthcare measures are in check.

As we work through our list of priorities in this new normal, we find out that there are indeed things we can put on hold for the moment to make way for more important things that contribute to a grander picture.


Facing the world again is basically another shot to reunite with loved ones we’ve missed during social isolation. Now, despite still observing safe distancing, we will realize the value of hugs, kisses, and most especially spending time with people.

This is a chance for us to show up for each other better – not just for the ones we know, but for other people as well to make sure they have equal access to healthcare, shelter, food, and opportunities that we do.

We‘ll remember and appreciate all the workers who helped us through the crisis. All these connections we are forging and strengthening are going to ripple out into hopefully, a better society in general.


If you belong to age group 21 and above (earning well enough to get things you know for sure you deserve), you might have made certain lifestyle choices. This next phase of our lives is a challenge to rethink and rebuild a better self for the future. For starters, we’ll now carry a mask, a bottle of alcohol and wipes with us always. Washing our hands more often and respecting personal space goes a long way.

We also realize that this may be an ideal time to slowly kick out unwanted habits. Used to enjoy being a couch potato too much? Now that you’re stuck indoors most of the time, you’re now more appreciative of doing chores or seek any chance to get active. Ate junk food too often? Well, it’s now the perfect chance to learn more homecooked meals for a more balanced diet.

What’s next? We say lots and lots of opportunities to get better. Cliché as it may sound but it begins with small steps that will eventually lead to change on a bigger scale.