1. Any proof of existing employment that worker is returning to the same

employer such as: current certificate of employment, valid company ID, or

recent pay slip; and

  1. Letter from the employer attesting to the transfer of job site of the worker.
  2. Workers who are not registered with the Administration or who changed

employers on-site:

  1. Passport valid for at least six (6) months from the date of intended departure;
  2. Valid and appropriate visa and/or work permit;
  3. Original copy of valid employment contract verified by the POLO or authenticated

by the Embassy/Consulate;

  1. Any proof of current employment such as a current certificate of employment, valid

company 1D, or recent pay slip;

  1. Sworn Statement of the worker providing an explanation on how he/she was hired by

the current employer.

POLO Functions

  1. Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLOs) shall provide contract verification services, facilitate access to the BM Online facility or manually issue OECs for a registered worker who is vacationing to the Philippines for the first time.
  2. POLOs shall provide verification services, update the BM Online account of workers manually issue OECs for workers previously registered with the Administration who changed employer on—site.
  3. POLOs shall only verify the contracts of workers who are not previously registered with the Administration. After the verification of employment documents, POLOs shall advise the workers to process their OEC at the POEA upon their return/vacation in the Philippines.

OEC Exemption

Returning workers who are already registered with the BM Online processing system and are returning to the same employer and job site can avail of the OECexemption. Utilizing their registered email and password to log-in, the ‘How to Use the online system’ will guide the workers on how to avail their OEC exemption. Workers who possess OEC exemption can directly proceed to the airport for their final departure formalities.

Other Concerns

The Administration may issue OEC at the LAC only to returning workers on

special/emergency leave who is on vacation for one (1) week or less and to the Cabin

Crew/Flight Attendants.

Returning workers processed/deployed by Government Processed Branch (GPB) shall pass thru POEA but shall be exempted from the requirement of presenting verified

contracts/employment documents. Workers who were originally deployed by the GPB but changed their employers on site, however, must secure employment documents

verified/authenticated by POLO/Embassy/Consulate.

The POEA BMPD and ICT Branch shall set up Help Desks to assist workers with BM Online account for updating and editing.

Additional requirements for the implementation of GBR No. 04, Series of 2018 shall be duly specified in subsequent issuances.

This Circular shall take effect immediately.