Filipiknows Network backing independent businesses by lending our platform to this trying times. Since 2016 we’ve been doing promotional paid campaigns for our Clients for their restaurants, cafés, venues, nightclubs, cinemas, Fast-food outlets and many more.

campaign will enable Filipino entrepreneurs to try to weather the storm in this current business landscape amid the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Free Advertising Through #SupportLokal Campaign

We’re determined to help. That’s why, today, we’re launching our #SupportLokal campaign by officially lending our platform to all Small business, Micro-entrepreneur and to All OFW’s and their Families

The causes we’re backing are already doing incredible work. We’re proud to support them as they raise funds, spread the word and lobby decision-makers to support the local spots that keep our cities’ lifeblood pumping, and make sure as many as possible can reopen. We’re urging all our readers (that’s you!) to check out their local campaign and lend a hand, whether it’s by donating money, signing a petition or simply telling a friend.

Then to hear how we’ll be stepping up our campaign over the coming weeks. As cities come back to life one by one, we’ll be supporting their local independent venues with fundraising, new Time Out Recommended badges and a dedicated day of celebration.

And finally, to the businesses going through a tough time right now: know that we’re with you. And when you return, we’ll be first in line.