Pinoy can travel to more countries, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said Monday, just days before easing of restrictions on leisure travel abroad take effect.

The DFA said Laos and Afghanistan have joined the list of nations that have lifted inbound restrictions on Filipino travelers, subject to flight availability and medical protocols.

Recently, the DFA said Malaysia, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Nepal, Tajikistan, and Hong Kong imposed stricter medical protocols and visa regulations for those who can enter the said countries.

Among the newly added countries who have recently opened their borders to Filipinos include Bahamas, Egypt, Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

On the other hand, some 78 countries and territories,despite their border closures, provide entry exemptions to Filipinos who are citizens of the destination country and returning residents, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) with work visas and contracts, and diplomatic or UN passport holders going to post or on official travel.

Newly added territory under this category is Macau SAR, with imposed medical protocols.

Meanwhile, 68 countries and territories from all over the world still do not allow entry in their borders such as Cuba, Haiti, Palau, Timor Leste, France, and most countries in the Middle East and African regions, among others.

In its latest infographic, the DFA confirmed that 138 countries now allow Filipinos to return to the Philippines, subject to flight availability and other special arrangements.

Tourist-favorite Japan still prohibits the entry of short-stay travelers, including tourists but has opened its doors for students, dependents, and technical interns, the DFA said.

New countries that have allowed departures for the Philippines include the mentioned countries, which also recently opened their inbound restrictions.

The foreign affairs office advised all travelers to always check ahead of travel dates with the airlines that will be used, as well as with relevant embassies or consulates before departure or before booking a ticket.