Over 10 million regular subscribers to Ivana Alawi’s YouTube channel were instrumental in the Filipino celebrity’s ascent as the 2020 top local content creator on the video-sharing platform.

It’s evident how she became this year’s top YouTuber.

Since she started uploading videos in 2019, people warmly accepted her presence on the platform and looked forward to every video she uploaded. The Kapamilya actress/YouTuber currently has 10.1 million subscribers on her channel.

Her videos mostly consist of different challenges, mukbangs, traveling and her everyday life which always features her mother and her sister.

She has collaborated with different co-YouTubers.

Meanwhile, her video with Raffy Tulfo titled IVANA ALAWI, NAPAIYAK NI IDOL RAFFY.

ITO ANG PRANK NA PARANG TOTOO! placed second on the top 10 trending videos for this year.

With the help from his RTIA team, they pretended to cater to a complainant that told Raffy that the relief goods that came from Alawi caused her health to plummet. Ivana even teared up during the prank. In the end, they revealed the prank when the complainant told Ivana to teach her how to do the laundry and wash cars in a sexy manner which made everyone laugh even her mom and sister which were also in on the prank. The video garnered 25,897,219 views.

Also, Alex Gonzaga’s collaboration with Ivana titled Iguana meets Ivana by Alex Gonzaga placed third on the list.

Ivana was followed by Zeinab Harake, Cong TV, Ja Mill, Alex Gonzaga Official, ChoOx TV, Jelai Andres, Viy Cortez, Donnalyn Bartolome and Jomar Lovena.

Among the breakout creators are Team Payaman’s Cong TV, Viy Cortez, Junnie Boy, Boss Keng, Vien and EmmanNimedezTV who placed first, second, fourth, sixth, seventh and ninth respectively, Jomar Lovena (third), Kathryn Bernardo (fifth), Leti Sha (eight) and Donekla in Tandem (tenth).

This year’s top trending video is of Marcelito Pomoy singing “The Prayer” during America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

The top music video is Araw araw Love – Flow G.

Most people turned to the entertainment industry as a way to cope and consume the free time that’s forcefully bestowed upon them because of the current health crisis that caused everyone to stay put in their houses.

In return, streaming sites and video-sharing platforms have amped up their content so people will not run out of something to watch.