Name: Islam Mohammed Kassem
Address: Al Sadd, Doha – Qatar. P.O.Box 6252

EDUCATION: Bachelors of Law (L.L.B) Alexandria University, Alexandria – Arab Republic of Egypt As Senior Legal Advisor – English Department, at a prominent Law Firm I am tasked with the key role of facing non-Arabic speaking clients and addressing all their legal requirements ensuring that this clientele retains the firm for their legal requirements.

My role is very active and not just limited to administrative paperwork, but involves a fair bit of investigative as well as follow up work.

I have excellent written, oral and interpersonal legal communication skills and am comfortable presenting in front of small as well as large audiences. Confidentiality as well as adhering to legal ethics and code of conduct are paramount to my way of operating on a daily basis as I strive to use good judgment and discretion at all times.

My skill sets are multidisciplinary & dynamic. I am able to address & anticipate client needs accordingly. I am a great team player, exceptionally hard working, enthusiastic, assertive, and honest & always face challenging situations with the aim of yielding a successful outcome.

• Conducting the initial meeting with non-Arabic & English speaking clients as well as arranging agreements and fees.
• Writing legal notices, lawsuits and petitions.
• Drafting contracts and settlements.
• Deep experience in E.P.C contracts, M&A focus on bonds and milestone progress.
• Updating all pre-existing English Templates (Contractual, Legal, Admin & POA etc.) to create a document library.
• Following-up medical reports of compensation cases.
• Conducting online & offline legal research.
• Preparing drafts and final versions for documents as required by the case file.
• Drafting concise contracts where the obligations of each party are apparent with no evident or hidden discrepancies.
• Providing legal advice on all matters as well as reviewing documents referred by the General Counsel.
• Reviewing and drafting policies as well as regulations to ensure consistency with applicable law.
• Performing other similar or related duties such as interpreting laws, keeping abreast of legislation and following up legal suits and arbitration to which the Company is a party.
• Drafting, reviewing and negotiating all contractual arrangements, including those with Contractors, Customers, Consultants, Suppliers, Lessors, Shippers, Charterers, Buyers, Lenders, etc.
• Developing standard agreements and reviewing all agreements to ensure company is protected legally.
• Writing down Merger and acquisition contracts including stock valuation and shares.
• Key Achievements: Writing the contract for the agreement with British Gas (B.G) and the agreement British Petroleum (B.P).

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