Base sa ipinapanukalang ordinansa sa Baguio City, pagmumultahin na ang mga tsismoso at tsismosa. Sa isa pang barangay bawal na rin ang pagsasampay ng mga underwear sa labas ng bahay lalo’t tanaw ito sa kalsada.
BINALONAN, Pangasinan – Barangay Capas here has moved to shut gossipers up with an ordinance that bans and penalizes tsismis (gossip).
Barangay Captain Danilo Tabucol Sr. told The STAR yesterday its “anti-tsismis” ordinance has helped maintain peace and order among families, as those proven to be spreading lies are fined and required to render community service.
Tabucol said the ordinance was passed as some are accustomed to destroying the character or life of somebody by spreading wild speculations that might destroy their reputation.
“In the Philippines, we are aware that issues created by gossipers or intriguers cause fight among friends, relatives or neighbors,” he said.
The village chief said many residents are happy about this ordinance, although some people look at it differently.
Tabucol related that since the village started implementing it in October 2016, a woman rendered community service as her penalty for spreading a rumor against someone in the community. He said the barangay conducted a three-level investigation on the complaint before imposing the penalty.
The anti-gossip regulation imposes a penalty of community service plus P300, P500 or P1,000 for the first, second and third offenses, respectively.
Tabucol said the first offender was not fined P300, but was only required to do community service to show the people Barangay Capas is serious with the ordinance.
“We gave her a chance, so she would not repeat it,” he said.
Tabucol said some people scoff at the unusual ordinance.
“They said it seems we have many gossipers in our barangay,” he said. “That’s okay because what’s important is we show them we implement such kind of ordinance for the good of the people.”
But he said a mayor of another town here wants to adopt it, too.
Barangay Capas’ anti-tsismis ordinance was based on an ordinance earlier implemented in Barangay Moreno also in this province.

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This is a very commendable ordinance. Deserves an Award for Legislative Innovation. Hits the Filipinos’ preponderance for gossips bulls eye.