If you will look at this six-year-old girl, you may notice that she is indeed a smart little girl but underneath her sweet smiles, a fact that her biological mother abandoned her at a very early age in the UAE.

The little girl was named Fathima by the Pakistani couple to whom she was left by her alleged Filipina mother.

After years of fostering the child, the Pakistani couple had been to financial struggle and asked Syed Ali Moazzam to take care of the girl. Moazzam is very much willing to adopt her but the problem is that she does not have any document to support her identity. There are no existing documents that prove that she is indeed a Filipino.

Fathima has no family name, no passport, Emirates ID nor a visa. This is the reason why she cannot go to school.

Moazzam also contacted the Philippine Embassy to gather any information about her mother who is believed to still be present in the UAE. According to the embassy representatives in the UAE, there has to be proof of blood relation to establish that the girl is indeed a Filipina. The problem is that nobody knows about the identity of her parents.