Dear FILIPIKNOWS all over the World,

We want to reach out and share information about the FILIPIKNOWS global contributor network  and connect to Vloggers, journalists and freelance writers who may be interested in contributing articles on

We’re looking for non-professional or wanna be vloggers to cover their favorite hangout spots, feature the top travel destinations around the world, show off the best bar in their small town, write opinion pieces, write personality profiles, etc in different part of the world.

We are also open to suggestions in terms of editorial features on some of the not-so-mainstream features even like movie reviews, music reviews or almost anything. We feature any place from anywhere around the world. You’ll also get a profile with your picture and bio / information so that everyone will see that you wrote the article and will help build your own personal portfolio.

FILIPIKNOWS gets up to and over 3 MILLION (3,000,000+) IMPRESSIONS PER week based on an audit by a globally leading digital marketing firm. This included over  SIX MILLION (6,000,000+) views per month directly on our website, along with our social media platforms which have very active communities of TWO MILLION (2,000,000+) Fans on, 100,000+ Followers on and followers on , which from these alone already garner over 10 million social media impressions per week. (stats as of May 2016) We were recently ranked within the 4th MOST VIEWED SITES in Qatar.

Why should I contribute to ?

What’s in it for me?

These are various reasons that our current vloggers contributes to

  •                 Love of vlogging

Some of our contributors just love vlogging and are looking for an outlet to share their stories.

  •                 Big audience

magine spending hours in a vlog, only to find that just two people have viewed it (you and your mom). Again, we get MILLIONS of viewers per month, plus we also promote your vlog on our social media accounts which also have millions of followers, fans and viewers.

  •                Lots of freebies

Our vloggers enjoy invites to the most expensive restaurants, where they get to bring their whole family or group of friends and treat them to a free meal, all in exchange for a review. Our other senior writers also get free phones, clothes, gadgets, bags, accessories, shoes, and more. All in exchange for a review of the brand / product.

  •                 VIP events

Our vloggers get invites and VIP access to the biggest and most exclusive events. From front row access to concerts, sporting games, clubs, bars and other top events, our writers usually get the red carpet treatment. We get invites to grand openings of the most prestigious brands and restaurants, VIP tables to the biggest clubs, media passes to the hottest music concerts and invites to press conferences with the top stars.

  •                Learn to Vlog / blog / SEO and more

We train each of our vloggers in the most professional and up-to-date ways to increase readership to their own blogs. We train them to be pro-vloggers and how to write better. We also teach many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics that will ensure more views to their vlogs.
Many of our writers have gone on to create successful blogs of their own or get great digital media jobs from top global agencies.

  •                Great professional experience for your resume

Our Vloggers have gone on to get top positions at top firms across the globe and lastly Meet new people
You get to meet amazing, driven and interesting people as you feature new events, restaurants, concerts and more. You’ll meet young entrepreneurs starting out new businesses as well as seasoned veterans willing to show you a thing or two about what they do. But other than just meeting people through interviews on your features, you’ll also be part of our community and meet other writers, photographers, travel junkies and adventure seekers like you. You’ll also gain access to a huge interconnected network that we at share throughout our thousands of features in and around the world.

  •             Recognition

Your profile will be posted on each article that you write. You will see your by-line with your name and photo at the beginning of each article, along with your full profile at the bottom of each article. Moreover, your profile will be added to our list of Authors and Contributors STORIES

  •             FUN!

Taking your entire family out to a free dinner at the most elegant and expensive Italian restaurant in town. Getting an overnight stay at the best 5-star hotel. Getting a free trip to Davao Getting a flight and accommodations in Hong Kong. Front row seats to concerts. Back stage passes to events. Exclusive invites to the biggest and newest venues. Tables and bottles at the high end clubs. VIP treatments. A free phone. A free dress. A free designer handbag. Free shoes. Meet celebrities. Meet young entrepreneurs. See the world!

The list goes on!
​It just more fun to Vlog for


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