Moving to a new place for a while or for a short time may it be inside or out of our own country can make us feel this kind of emotion called “homesickness”.

Homesickness is a feeling of longing for a person, thing or nature that we are used to be with. These persons could be your loved ones; family, wife, husband, children, parents, relatives and friends. Things could be your bed, your kitchen, your garden or your pet and the environment where we have grown full of memories.

Firstly, we can combat this kind of yearning to our loved ones by constantly communicating with them through social media, facebook, twitter, Instagram. Conversing with them through video calls during our free time every day will lessen our loneliness and we can feel they are just here beside us.

Secondly, we are to keep ourselves busy by focusing on our work. Anyway this is the reason why we have to leave them/those to support the needs of our families.

Thirdly, during our spare time/day off we can attend to our church obligations, do some shopping, spend time with our friends or look for a community as a support group. If we still have time we can enrol courses to improve ourselves by learning some skills.

Lastly, we have to be optimistic. Let us not be afraid of trying new things and be brave in facing challenges in life. These will make us more strong, firm and fulfilled while away from home.

Contribution from Carina Kabigting, Filipino Institute student/ Photos CTO



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