Japan is known for its many celebrations, and one of that is Valentine’s Day. Only men receive Valentine gifts and only on March 14th, known as White Day, do they decide if they will return the favor.


Wales is a nation famed for its passion, intricately carves wooden spoons known as lovespoons, to celebrate love during January 25th, St Dwynwen’s Day. It is used to exchange between lovers.

Ghana celebrated National Chocolate Day during the 14th of February. You can see exhibitions, chocolate based menu and talks all around the country.

Czech Republic focuses their celebration for love on May 1st. Lovers go on a pilgrimage to Petrin Park, on the statue of the poet, Karel Hynek Macha. They say if you get to kiss beneath the cherry blossom tree, couples will get a good fortune in the coming year.

Argentina takes at least a week to celebrate love. Other than the famous 14th of February, Argentinians celebrate “Sweetness week” on July where lovers and/or friends exchange kisses and some candies on 13th to the 20th. “Friendship Day” usually is the last day celebration.

Lantern festival

South Korea celebrates Valentines not just on the 14th, but every 14th day of every month. For singles, they can celebrate April’s Black Day with Jajangmyeon, a black noodles delicacy in South Korea.

Taiwan is another country where flowers are the focus of how you celebrate the tradition. Taiwanese people celebrate love during February 14th and July 7th, where men give flowers to their beloved. The number and color of flowers determine your intention and extent for love.

Estonia celebrates friendship than romantic love during the 14th, called Sobrapaev.

France is the land of love. From the 12th to the 14th the small village of La Saint-Valentin in France decorates their houses and streets with roses and love notes on trees. In other parts of France, women or men who have been wronged burn the picture of their ex and shout swears and insults.

Philippines celebrate Valentine’s by having a mass weddings, sponsored by the government as a form of public service.

 After the mass wedding in the Philippines, It’s followed by mass check-in.


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