“Optimists” overwhelmed the “pessimists” (3 percent) among Filipinos, who expect their personal quality of life to get worst. SWS said these two figures amounted “for a record-high Net Personal Optimism score of +46.” The polling firm classified this as “excellent” (the result of % Optimists less % Pessimists).

It can be recalled that SWS’ Third Quarter 2017 poll of the same nature made on September 23-27 had the optimists are 47 percent and the pessimists at 4 percent. In SWS’slatest survey were Net Personal Optimism, Net Optimism on the Economy, and Net Gainers, which all rated “Excellent.” (40 percent and above rating is categorized as excellent.)

The SWS also pointed out that its 2017 Q4 poll equalled the record-high mark first registered in June 2016. In relation with this, it noted that except for the survey in March 2017 “a very high +36, Net Optimism has been registering excellent,or +40 percent and above) as reckoned for the past two years.

Researchers panned out by SWS nationwide conducted face-to-face interviews involving 1,200 adult respondents from 18 years old and above. Metro Manila, Balance Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao each had 300 respondents with a sampling error of plus/minus 3 percent for national percentages and plus/minus 6 percent for each of the four areas above-cited. “The area estimates were weighted by Philippine Statistics Authority medium-population projections for 2017 to obtain the national estimates,” SWS said.

Respondents in the December 2017 study revealed that “52 percent of Filipinos were optimistic about the “general Philippine economy next year would get better.” Contrast this to 9 percent in the same study who felt the economy would deteriorate. Thus, an “excellent” Net Optimism about the Economy’s score of +42 percent (% Optimistic about the Economy minus % Pessimistic about the Economy, correctly rounded).”

SWS said: “This is 12 points above the excellent +30 (43% Optimistic about the Economy, 12% Pessimistic about the Economy, correctly rounded) in September 2017, and the highest since the excellent +43 in December 2016.”

It said further that on the change in Personal Qualify of Life, 41 percent characterized their lives to have improved (“Gainers”) while 18 percent believed they became worse (“Losers”). SWS said the result amounted “for a new record-high Net Gainers score of +23 (the difference of Gainers over Losers, correctly rounded) classified as excellent.”

The September 2017 survey recorded +19, which was 39 percent gainers, 19 percent Losers (correctly rounded). “It was very high (+10 to +19 from September 2016 to September 2017.”


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