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Qatar is home (albeit mostly a temporary one) to numerous people from around the world, who comprise the vast majority of its population, with Qataris being a minority for decades now. As the exact breakdown by nationality is not something that is made publicly available by Qatar’s Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS), in order to shine a light on a matter of common interest.

The list of nationalities

NationalityPopulationPercent of total*Data recency
India650,00025.00%Dec 2016
Nepal>350,00013.50%Jan 2017
Qatar313,00012.10%Jun 2016
Bangladesh280,00010.80%May 2016
Philippines260,00010.00%Jan 2017
Egypt200,0008.60%Feb 2015
Sri Lanka145,2565.60%Dec 2016
Pakistan125,0004.80%Oct 2016
Syria54,0002.20%Nov 2015
Sudan50,0002.10%Apr 2015
Indonesia43,0001.70%Sep 2016
Jordan40,0001.80%Dec 2014
Iran30,0001.50%Dec 2013
UK25,0001.10%Apr 2015
Lebanon24,0000.92%Jan 2017
Ethiopia22,0000.91%Jan 2016
Palestine20,0000.85%Jun 2015
Tunisia20,0000.77%May 2016
Kenya14,0000.55%Aug 2016
USA**>11,000>0.43%Mar 2015
China>10,000>0.41%Jan 2016
Eritrea10,000>0.41%Aug 2016
Canada9,0000.35%Feb 2017
Iraq8,9760.40%Dec 2014
Turkey8,0000.31%Oct 2016
Nigeria7,5000.29%Oct 2016
South Africa6,0000.23%May 2016
Australia5,5000.21%Nov 2016
Algeria5,0000.20%Mar 2016
France5,0000.20%Apr 2016
Ghana5,0000.21%Jan 2015
Malaysia4,8480.19%Feb 2016
Thailand4,5000.18%Mar 2016
Afghanistan3,500 – 4,000~0.2%Nov 2012
Spain3,5000.14%Jan 2017
Uganda3,0000.11%Nov 2016
Romania2,5000.10%Apr 2015
Greece2,200<0.10%May 2016
Italy2,100<0.10%Nov 2016
Germany2,000<0.10%Jan 2017
Ireland2,000<0.10%May 2015
Russia2,000<0.10%Mar 2016
South Korea2,000<0.10%Dec 2015
Vietnam2,000<0.10%Feb 2016
Serbia2,000<0.10%Feb 2017
Portugal1,500<0.10%Mar 2016
Brazil1,500<0.10%Jul 2016
Netherlands1,432<0.10%Mar 2016
Albania1,200<0.10%Jan 2017
Macedonia1,000<0.10%Dec 2013
Ukraine1,000<0.10%Nov 2016
New Zealand989<0.10%Feb 2017
Japan944<0.10%Jan 2017
Denmark900<0.10%Feb 2017
Poland700 – 800<0.10%Feb 2017
Belgium600<0.10%Jan 2017
Cuba600<0.10%May 2016
Sweden527<0.10%Feb 2017
Bulgaria500<0.10%Jan 2017
Croatia500<0.10%Nov 2016
Austria500<0.10%Nov 2016
Argentina400<0.10%Jan 2017
Mexico400<0.10%Oct 2015
Venezuela337<0.10%Dec 2014
Kyrgyzstan330<0.10%Feb 2017
Hungary300<0.10%Jan 2017
Singapore300<0.10%Dec 2014
Switzerland250<0.10%Dec 2014
Senegala few hundred<0.10%Mar 2016
Belarus200<0.10%Jan 2017
Finland200<0.10%Jan 2017
Kazakhstan200<0.10%Aug 2015
Colombia200<0.10%Feb 2017
Moldova154<0.10%Jan 2017
Gambia135<0.10%Dec 2013
Azerbaijan120<0.10%Dec 2014
Ecuador100<0.10%Dec 2014
El Salvador100<0.10%Dec 2014
Slovakia100<0.10%Jan 2017
Czech Republic100<0.10%Feb 2017
Benin82<0.10%Dec 2014
Dominican Republic44<0.10%Dec 2014
Liberia40<0.10%Dec 2013
Brunei20<0.10%Dec 2013
Latvia10<0.10%Jan 2017
Liechentstein1<0.10%Jan 2015


While Qatar’s population as a whole continues to expand at an incredibly fast rate, there are differences in just how much individual communities are growing. One of the biggest changes that occurred from 2013 when I first assembled this report, can be found in the Bangladeshi community, which went from 137,000 in 2013 to 280,000 as of early 2016 – a whooping 104% increase. In general most nationalities have witnessed an increase, but there are a few of those whose numbers have gone down or are somewhat stagnant: Nepal, Lebanon, Malaysia, Palestine, Russia, South Korea, Croatia and Hungary.

Filipinos in Qatar

According to the data, which we have received in January from the Filipino Embassy in Qatar, there were 222,712 Filipinos with valid work visas as of May 2016. Although we’re unable to receive further clarifications regarding the number, media reports indicate that does not include Filipinos on family sponsorship. According to the Philippine Business Council in Qatar, the total number of Filipinos should be around 260,000.

After the Filipino community experienced a decline in 2013, when an unofficial ban on new Filipino visas was supposedly in effect, their numbers are again on the rise.

Their migration to Qatar started in the 1980s, but dramatically accelerated later on in the 2000s. In 2009 alone, the number of Filipinos heading to Qatar, jumped 84% in comparison to 2008, with more than half being hired in the construction and manufacturing industries and about 25% as service workers. In 2015 the number increased very noticeably again as only new hires went up from 26,831 in 2014 to 49,161 in 2015.

These figures are to an extent further supported by a joint UNDP and MDPS report from June 15, 2015. Data can be extrapolated to show there were 244,454 Qatari nationals at some point in 2010 for example.



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