Mga usong salita ngayon (Pinoy slang 2K17) papahuli ka ba?


Hindi ka na ba makasunod sa uso sa mga salita sa internet na lumalabas ngayon, In case you haven’t noticed–jeprox is back! Also, it is possible to feel confused when someone calls you “lodi”. Is the person really adoring you, or more of a backhanded expression of detestation against you? We will never know.


*Friend 1 uploads kickass guitar riff video”
*Friend 2: LODI!!!!!


MATSALA – “SALAMAT”, thank you; a legit warm way of giving thanks.

People use “matsala” when they really want to thank someone over something, but doesn’t want to be perceived as a softie. Saying “salamat” is heartfelt; saying “matsala” is deeper, man.

Example: “Matsala sa tulong, orbs.”

RAPBEH – A portmanteau of the phrase, “ang sarap mo beh”
Usually seen on Facebook, this word is usually used as a compliment to anyone who posts pabebe photos.

Example:  “Ganda ng pic u, rapbeh.”

QIQIL – “Pa-cute” form of the word gigil
Usually used by people on social media when they want to express disgust about something, anything! Also on the same annoyance level: use of “ACOE” to mean “AKO”. Which means now, it is acceptable to receive a “QIQIL MU SI ACOE” message to mean someone is angry at you. Because why the hell not.

Example: “Away mu si acoe, qiqil mu si acoe!”

WERPA – “Power” with a Pinoy oomph.
We probably have Coffee CEO Xtian “Nyeaaam” Gaza to thank/hate for this. Widely used in the multi-level marketing industry, second to “open-minded ka ba?” It has since crept its way to social media. Another version of this is “werpa”. I know, so perplexing.

*Friend 1 uploads photo of new iPhone unit.
*Friend 2 comments “PAWER”

PETMALU – Jeprox version of “MALUPIT”.
Basically used to signify amazement over anything. Also sometimes used as a filler word, devoid of any meaning but is still valued in the social media comments.

*Friend 1 uploads kickass skateboarding video


GOBAS– “SABOG”; Basically the wasted state in which you are cursing the many beers you chugged.
Another way for you to express just how wasted or hungover you are after your last night out.

Example: “Lodi salamats sa panoma kagabi, gobas me wew.”


ORB – “BRO”; male friends
Wanna have a manly-men style hangout with your dude bros? Call up your orbs!

Example: “Mga orbs ko wer na u?”


REPA – “Pare”, “Kumpare”
Used commonly when men are trying to be cool about referencing their male friends.

Example: “Alam mo yung repa ko, ang galing sa iphonetography nun!”


SOGBU– “BUSOG”; super stuffed with food
What happens when you make “chibog”. Usually expressed after reaching orgasmic levels of gastronomic delight.

Example: “Whoooo rap ng kinain q, sogbu sa chibog ni ermats!”


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