Pelikulang LEMENTASYON ng mga OFW sa Dubai, inaabangan ng mga Kabayan



Inaabangan na ngayon ang  pinakaBagong pelikulang iprenoduced at ginampanan ng mga OFW sa Dubai, U.A.E. sa Direksyon ni Direk Ape at binibidahan ni Archie Enriquez bukod dito ay kasama din sa pelikula ang mga filipino UAE content creator.

Ang synopsis ng Lamentasyon ay umiikot kay Samuel.

Samuel is a young, zealous, newly graduate chef in Dubai. While his younger brother in the Philippines lacking financial support for his studies and their needs tied up with his avaricious mother oblige him to become the breadwinner of the family. Samuel’s  idealistic hope turns into his worst nightmare when his family demands abrupt.
After his mother being engaged in misconduct of finances and resents the rich people around her who can buy their way out and solve their financial issues and oblivious to the hardship Samuel undergoes overseas just to meet such demand. Despite the pleading of Samuel on such scrutinize arrears and such neglect from a  heartless mother Samuel falls into great despair and debt. Meanwhile Samuel’s unraveling plan somehow was to abandon his work and confront his unresponsive mother in times of need.
Soon after Samuel  enthralled by the people around him expressing their sympathy and concern turns into strange occurrences  that made him  distrustful to everyone including himself. With the help of Mang Gerry his roommate who seems to be aware of what’s happening with Samuel.  Both meet its end with a peculiar revelation


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